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Lesson 1-1 A: What do I know about Diabetes

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Lesson 1-1 A: <What do I know about Diabetes> Elicitation Question

~30 minutes

Student Version Teacher Discussion Notes 
  1. Ask students the following question: “What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words ‘Type 2 diabetes’?”
    • Ask for volunteers to share their answers. The purpose of this step is to have students think about what they currently know about type 2 diabetes. Accept all student answers at this time. Do not correct misconceptions now. If the responses of different students contradict each other, simply inform students that they will be able to find out more in the upcoming lessons. After several students have shared their thoughts, move on to Step 2.
  2. Ask students if they know of anyone personally that has Type 2 diabetes. How about anyone famous? Have students watch the brief (5 min) video about diabetes in Hollywood.
  3. Give each student a copy of "What do I know about diabetes?". The questions will draw out specific ideas that students have about diabetes and make students more comfortable with the questions for the interviews they will conduct in Lesson 1-2. The questions are broad and allow for many ideas and opinions to come to mind. Have students place their sheets in a folder or collect them at the end of class. **IMPORTANT NOTE:  These sheets will be used in for a reflection at the end of the project (Big Idea 6); it may be best for you to hold on to them until then as students may misplace them or throw them away. 



This Lesson in part has been provided by the Diabetes Education in Tribal Schools (DETS)Curriculum, collaboratively developed by: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Indian Health Service (IHS), Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCU), and the Tribal Leaders Diabetes Committee.



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