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Lesson 4-1: Effects of Diabetes_ Body Part Match-Up Activity

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Lesson 4-1: <Effects of Diabetes> What body parts are affected?

~10-20 minutes

Student Version Teacher Discussion Notes 


In this activity, students will learn about which body parts can be compromised in a person with diabetes and what happens to those body parts. This is a dynamic ice-breaker style activity to introduce students to the lessons in Big Idea 4. To facilitate students moving around, you may want to push tables/desks to the side or relocate to an area with more space.



  1. Before class, make 5 copies of the "Activity Cards" (see Materials). Cut the page into 10 cards as indicated by the divider lines. You can laminate these if resources are available for re-usability. You should now have a total of 50 cards; this is a class set for this activity.
  2. To each of 5 students, you will give a stack of the 5 body parts (i.e. Judy Smith is given a stack of the 5 square cards that say Harry's Heart, Earl's eyes, Kevin's Kidneys, Frank's Feet and Gus's Gums).
  3. To the rest of the class, randomly give each student 1 rectangular story card. These cards give descriptions of one of the body parts that have been compromised.
  4. Give students a time limit and instructions that within that time they are to match up each body part they have with a student that holds the description of that body part. (i.e. Judy Smith has 2 minutes to find 5 students with descriptions of each of the body parts on her cards).   At the end of the time limit, students should be in groups of 6: the person that held all of the 5 body parts and the 5 students they have found with corresponding descriptions of those body parts. For fun you can have this be a contest with a prize for the winning team.
  5. At the end of the activity, use the "Review Sheet" (see Materials) to briefly go over in more detail how Diabetes affects each of the body parts that the students just read about.  




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