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The Biodiversity Project (redirected from The Bird Project)

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Big Ideas

Lesson Overview   Eliciting and Engaging the Student Developing the Ideas Checking for Understanding  


BIG IDEA 1:  What is Biodiversity?

In these lessons, Kenyan students will:


  • Be introduced to the bird project.
  • Create video introductions for their partners in Sisters, Oregon.
  • Learn some key academic terminology to assist in their understanding of the unit.
  • Be presented with examples of the role birds play in the ecosystem.





Lesson 1-1: Project Introduction and Digital Stories


Lesson 1-2: Coming to terms!




Lesson 1-3: Magic in the Air


Lesson 1-4: The Role of Birds in the Ecosystem




Ask students:




  BIG IDEA 2:   How can we assess the biodiversity of birds where we live?

In these lessons, Kenyan students will:


  • Learn how a bird survey is conducted and basic bird identification.
  • Go on a field expedition to conduct a local bird count.  
  • Become familiar with Important Biodiversity Areas (IBA's), specifically the Taita Hills Forests.


  BIG IDEA 3:  Why here?

In these lessons, Kenyan students will:


  • Review their bird sightings from their field expedition and learn about any important species that they didn't see.
  • Choose a bird that their team will research and create presentations about to share with their classmates. Research will include queries into the traits and adaptations that make their birds well-suited to the Taita Hills.
  BIG IDEA 4: How can we share our data with the Global Community?

In these lessons, Kenyan students will:




  BIG IDEA 5:  What can we do to protect the biodiversity of our forests?        


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