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Lesson 1-2: Expectations for the case study

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Lesson 1-2: <Expectations for the case study> How does it work?

~20 minutes

Student Version Teacher Discussion Notes 

Describe to your students how your expectations for the case study differ from some of your previous expectations in class. They will not be tested during the case study, but will demonstrate their learning through participation, effort, curiosity, critical thinking and teamwork. During this time, students will be expected to do original research around a research question that they will choose. The final product of this case study will be a product that reports their findings to a broader audience, such as a newspaper or public official. Students may be unfamiliar with their work having a broader audience than their teacher. If this is the case, be sure to articulate that their products do not merely have a theoretical audience.

Students will be pushed to work in ways that are not necessarily comfortable for them initially, but this is an important step of the process in which much learning takes place. We encourage you to convey that this case study is a growth opportunity for students. This means that the grade for this case study will not only be on the product, but on the process and effort that the students demonstrate.



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