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Lesson 4-1: Topic Diagram

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Lesson 4-1: <Topic diagram> How can we narrow down our research topic?

~30 minutes

Student Version Teacher Discussion Notes 


Diagram PB&J as an example of a system diagram around a topic (see video for an example of a demonstration diagram). This activity will require students to consider all facets of their topic, follow avenues of thought from beginning to end, examine cause and effect chains, and ask questions. One of their questions will lead to the team’s research question.

Each team makes their own system diagram. Students will draw a star next to the questions. Stress that questions are just as important as what they know. (See video for an example of a student diagram)

Have each team choose from their diagram a research question that they are most interested in answering. This selection leads into Lesson 4-2: Writing a research question.


  • Large sticky notes for each team
  •  Colored sharpies for each student 



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