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Lesson 2-2: Inception Video, Sustainability

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Lesson 2-2: <Inception Video> 

~20 minutes

Student Version Teacher Discussion Notes 

Show the 2 minute video about plastic bag bans.

  • Ask students: "What do they think this video gets right and what does it get wrong?"

    • Example: Phrases such as “it takes 10 year for a bag to dissolve in a landfill” are incorrect

      • It would take 500-1000 years for a plastic bag to fragment in a landfill but scientist have no idea how long the plastic particles will last.

      • Other facts about plastic bags can be found here.

  • Discuss the ban

    • Would the class vote for a ban in their town?

    • Is 10 cents reasonable to charge for a paper bag?

    • If students are resistant to discussion, you may have them talk with a student next to them or write about these questions for a few minutes before discussing with the entire class.






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