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Lesson 1-1: An Introduction to the Disease

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Lesson 1-1: <An Introduction to the Disease> What is Malaria?

~30-45 minutes

Student Version Teacher Discussion Notes 

Student Handout (also provided in materials)

  1. Preview and prepare introductory video for download and viewing (link in Materials) 
  2. Pass out the Student Handout. Have students either complete the Preconception Activity (first two columns of table) on their own or share/discuss as a class or as small groups prior to showing the video. 
  3. Show students the introductory video (13 minutes); have students take notes on the handout.
  4. Discuss those issues from  video identified by students.
  5. Have students complete the last column of the preconception chart and encourage students to share their learning from the video.
  6. If time, Lesson 1-2 can be used immediately after this elicitation.


DO NOT tell the students "THE ANSWER".  Tell students that with the elicitation questions we are looking for all the different ways, models and theories that might explain the situation. Let students know that during the following lessons we will sort through all these ideas, but we need to have lots of ideas so that we can eliminate some.


This Lesson Provided by UNICEF



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