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Lesson 1-5: The Spread of Malaria

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Engaging the Student (Entry Task) 

Developing the Ideas--Lesson

Checking for Understanding (exit ticket)

Student Handout 
Teacher/Lesson Notes

~30-45 min

 Show students a world map or globe. Have a brief class discussion:


  1. In what regions do they think that malaria infections would be most prevalent?
  2. Why do they think those areas would have the most malaria? (what attributes of those regions lend themselves to malaria outbreaks?) 

See the full lesson plan here:


Learning goal:  Students will be able to describe the general trend in malaria infection around the world through mapping relevant

statistical and diagrammatic data.












This Lesson Provided by UNICEF

  • Student computers with internet access
  • Student handout
  1. Based on your mapping activity, name three general trends in malaria infection around the world.
  2. What do you think could be done to combat each of the trends that you listed? 



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