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Lesson 2-2 (Option B): Malaria Town Hall Meeting

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Engaging the Student (Entry Task) 

Developing the Ideas--Lesson

Checking for Understanding (exit ticket)

Student Handout 
Teacher/Lesson Notes

2 class periods




View the full lesson plan here:

Additional Teacher Resources: 


In this lesson, Students will demonstrate a greater understanding of the biological, epidemiological, and societal aspects of infectious disease, with an emphasis on malaria.  You will be holding a “conference” about the problem of malaria in Tanzania.  The purpose of the conference is to discuss how different people are affected by malaria and to develop a public policy for how malaria can be controlled or even eliminated.  


Teacher Prep:      

  1. Read through the full lesson plan and prepare to moderate the culminating activity (Conference/Town Hall Meeting).
  2. Make copies of the role descriptions found in Student HandoutsEach group should include up to eight students, each playing a different role. You will need to make enough copies of the role descriptions to take care of the number of student groups in your class.
  3. Assign a role to each student. The student roles are based on characters living in or visiting Tanzania.   All of these characters are affected by malaria in some way.  Each role includes questions that students will research and present back to the class using either a conference approach or a discussion approach. Student roles are:

    • Doctor
    • Village Health Care Worker
    • Teacher
    • Park Ranger
    • Pregnant Woman
    • American Teenager
    • Researcher at Seattle Bio-medical Research Institute
    • Malaria Infected Mosquito
  4.  Students should complete role sheet questions their role sheets, with the insights of your assigned role.  After your research days, each student will prepare a short speech to deliver at the conference. 
  5. Print copies of the student handout "Town Hall Meeting Notes and Learner's Summary". Students should complete these during the town hall meeting. Guided by the set of questions provided for each role, the student’s presentation should explain how malaria affects their character or, if they are an expert on a subject, provide information about malaria to the rest of the group.  You may need to do more research on your own and with students assigned to the same roles to better present your material. For Extra Credit, students can dress the part of your role on conference day. 


 This Lesson Provided by Seattle Bio-medical Research Institute


  •  Access to computers with the internet is preferred for research; provided library books would also be sufficient for this lesson. 
  • See Teacher/Student Resources for great websites, print and video options for student research. 

Use the following homework questions as an exit ticket:



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