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Lesson 1-3: Genetics and Society

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Engaging the Student (Entry Task) 

Developing the Ideas--Lesson

Checking for Understanding (exit ticket)

Student Handout 
Teacher/Lesson Notes

1 class period 

 Try and list 3 ways that you think Biotech(or Genetics) has positively or negatively impacted society. Think about debates you've heard about in the news or TV crime dramas. How are we using DNA technology these days?

In this WebQuest, students will use the University of Utah's "Learn Genetics" Website to explore the practical applications of Biotechnology, including:


  • Genetically Modified Foods
  • Pharming for Farmaceuticals
  • Can DNA Demand a Verdict?
  • Using Genetic Tools to Fight Viral Outbreaks
  • Conservation Genetics


This project focuses on the last application, Conservation Genetics, however it's important for students to be familiar with all of the ways that Biotechnology has revolutionized these sciences. 


  • Computers with access to the internet.
  • Student Handouts (one per student) 
Have students re-visit their entry task and write down 3 ways the biotechnology that they learned about in the WebQuest is either positively or negatively impacting society.



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