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Lesson 2-2:  Using Biotech to Conserve Species: "WHO DUNG IT Scenario"

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Engaging the Student (Entry Task) 

Developing the Ideas--Lesson

Checking for Understanding (exit ticket)

Student Handout 
Teacher/Lesson Notes

1 class period 

 Review the previous elicitation lesson:


  • What is conservation genetics?
  • What species did Dr. Luikart study?
  • We've learned that conservation geneticists usually help endangered or threatened species, what do you think are some of the root causes of a species becoming threatened or endangered? 





  1. Begin by reviewing the elicitation lesson (suggested questions given). Write student answers on the board.
  2. Tell students that they're now going to learn about some local scientists that are helping to conserve species in Africa.
    1. Hand out the "Local Scientists and Their Research" document to either individual students or groups.
    2.  Have students read through the entire document with 2 highlighter colors; one for important information and one for material they have questions about or don't understand.
    3. Share out as a class about who the researchers are and what they're doing. Help answer any questions that students had about the reading. 
    4. Show students the video: Trip Jennings plan to help with Dr. Wasser's research.  After the video, ask students how trip is planning on helping with this important work.



  1. Hand out the "Who Dung It? Scenario: Student Version". Let students know that their knowledge of Dr. Wasser and Dr. Comstock's work is about to come in handy, because they've just learned about a dilemma with their grandparents!
  2. Read through the Who Dung It Scenario as a class (if you have a dramatic student you could have them read it while a couple of students act it out ad-lib). Refer to the Teacher Version below to see recommended stop & brainstorm points/questions along the way. 
    1. Who Dung It? Scenario: TEACHER VERSION  
  3. Tell students that now that they've notified Dr. Comstock of their grandparents' situation, their next steps should be to learn more about the laws and ethics of the elephant ivory trade.  (This leads into Lesson 2-3)


PART B (Other Scenario Options): 

  1. Instead of the "Who Dung It? Scenario" , you may opt to use one of the other scenario options that have been created. Links to these documents are in the materials; you can still follow steps 1-3 above but alter as necessary. 








PART B (other scenario options):


 Exit Ticket Questions:


  1. Who are the two local scientists you learned about today?
  2. In your own words, briefly describe the goals of their work.
  3. How is their work an example of biotechnology helping to conserve species? 



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