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Lesson 2-3: Elephant Laws  Ethics Web Quest

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Engaging the Student (Entry Task) 

Developing the Ideas--Lesson

Checking for Understanding (exit ticket)

Student Handout 
Teacher/Lesson Notes

1 class period 

Teachers can use the following 2 documents to lead a brief discussion as students' share-out their entry ticket answers:



 Entry Ticket:  

Ask students what their previous experience or knowledge is with Ivory.


  1. Does ivory hold any cultural significance to them?
  2. What kinds of things are often made from ivory?
  3. Who do they think are the main buyers of ivory?
  4. Why is the sale of ivory from African Elephants controlled or banned? 

View the full teacher guide here:


This web quest is divided into two parts. Teachers can choose to do one or both, as well as enlisting each student to answer every question or assign a single question to a group of students to research at home or in class. A refresher of how to cite internet sources may be needed prior to releasing students to work.


The premise is that given the scenario dilemma in the previous lesson (grandparents caught at border with ivory), that students (grand kids) want to inform themselves on the laws and ethics to help out grandma and grandpa:


  • Part I:  Students will conduct internet research on laws governing the ivory trade. This will be necessary to some extent in order to determine the culpability of their "grandparents" (in the scenario) bringing ivory into the US.
  • Part II:  Students will conduct internet research on the  bio- ethical issues of the ivory trade. This can be more complex and time consuming, so instructors may chose to address these issues without the internet component. Lesson 2-4 contains case studies of these issues and could be used in lieu of Part II here.



  • Computers with access to the internet

 Exit Ticket Questions:


  1. List 3 things made from ivory.
  2. What does CITES stand for?
  3. What countries are allowed to kill elephants for ivory? 
  4. Will what you've learned today impact your views about buying ivory? 



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