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Lesson 2-4: Ethical Dilemmas: Stake Holder Case Studies

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Engaging the Student (Entry Task) 

Developing the Ideas--Lesson

Checking for Understanding (exit ticket)

Student Handout 
Teacher/Lesson Notes

1 class period 

Open class with the following poem (Page 1 only):



Use this as a link to class

lesson/discussion of case studies. Each stakeholder will have a different point of view.

View the full teacher guide here:


In this lesson, students will have a discussion on the global issue of the ivory trade. This portion may have two different formats:


  1. Have each group of stakeholders present their policy and defend their point of view.
  2. Jigsaw the groups into four groups of eight different stakeholders. Have each group create, as a consensus, a policy on the issue of international ivory trade.


After choosing the format you wish to proceed with (above): 

  1. Choose one or more of the dilemmas. Read the dilemmas to the class or give them a copy.
  2. For each of the dilemmas you discuss, you will need to give a copy of the student table for groups or students to fill in. Alternately, you could have this table projected on the overhead and have students copy it in their notebooks.
  3. As a class, begin to fill out the table beginning with "The Question" Row at the beginning of the table.
  4. Continue filling in the chart by listing relevant facts, identifying the stakeholders (you can reference the stakeholders list), and then identifying the values of each stakeholder. If you've chosen to assign students to be  particular stakeholders, they can present their point of view to the class.
  5. Discuss as a class the last two columns.  Please note that when you get to the column of what should you do, each student may have a different answer based on their value system.



Before handing out the exit ticket, read the "Poem and Quotes for Reflection" on Page 2 of the following document:



As an Exit Ticket, have students reflect on the following:


  1. Should we be working internationally to conserve a species?
  2. How can Biotechnology be used to conserve a species?
  3. What is your stake in this issue? What can you do?
  4. What else do you want or need to know?
  5. What burning questions do you still have?



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