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Lesson 4-1: Japanese Whaling Mini-Documentary

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Lesson 4-1: <Japanese Whaling Mini-Documentary> What is the issue?

~15-20 minutes

Student Version Teacher Discussion Notes 


  1. Let students discuss in groups if whaling is legal. What do they know? Is it legal everywhere, are there exceptions, if so, what are they? When each group has some ideas, have each table share out. 
  2. Show students the brief video (~5 minutes) about Japanese Whaling and take bullet point notes on anything they didn't know beforehand.
  3. Pass out the New York Times article "The Big Lie Behind Japanese Whaling" to each student group. Have them read this aloud in their groups and continue their bullet list of notes.
  4. Have groups share out in a class discussion about what they learned. Some discussion questions might be:
    • Are there laws in place regulating whaling in Japan and other international waters?
    • Is Japan (and more specifically, the ICR) using a loophole to continue whaling? If so, what is it?
    • Do you think that this practice by the ICR should be allowed to continue? Why or why not?
    • Do you feel that the measures that groups such as the Sea Shepherd are taking are too extreme?  Why or why not.
    • What (if anything) do you think should be done to help stop illegal whaling? 
    • Should some exceptions be allowed for cultural groups that have harvested whale meat as a traditional practice throughout history? 




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